Nebraska Doppelganger

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Toms first novel, Nebraska Doppelganger, tells the story of John Krauss, a young Broken Bow, Neb., teenager, who goes to the 1936 Berlin Olympics, then enrolls in medical school at Berlin University.

When John rejects the Gestapo’s attempt to recruit him as a spy against America, he’s drafted into Hitler’s army, ultimately being sent to the Afrika Korps as Field Marshall (The Desert Fox) Erwin Rommel’s valet.

When the Afrika Korps surrenders, our hero is sent as a POW to a prison camp in Clarinda, Iowa, some 150 miles from his hometown of Broken Bow.
Does he escape? What is his fate? Read Nebraska Doppelganger to find out.

This book is based on the fact that several hundred Americans, both men and women, found themselves on the wrong side of World War II when America joined the fight.


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